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Infographic: The Problems With Social Media Marketing

On Twitter, I’m currently following @united@kickstarter, and @thisamerlife, among others. Once in a while, I’ll interact with brands that I don’t even follow. I recently tweeted at @lyft to let them know about a driver who spent 15 minutes driving in circles instead of driving to pick me up.

But I didn’t respond to Lyft when the social media editor replied to my tweet the next day, asking me to send over more information. By then, I was already busy with new problems.

According to a new infographic from Morrison Foerster, that scenario isn’t all that uncommon. By 2017, brands will collectively spend hundreds of billions on social media, but not all of them are seeing high levels of user engagement. In fact, despite the increased social efforts, engagement declined for most social networks in 2015. The one exception? Facebook.

When users do interact with brands, the brands don’t always connect in a timely manner. On Twitter, 58 percent of user criticisms go unanswered, and of those that do respond, the average company takes nine hours to get back to their customers.

There’s one more complicating factor that social marketers have to address: Only 41 percent of companies are effectively using the data that social networks provide, which could be a big reason why half of respondents identified “tying social activities to business outcomes” as one of their most challenging problems.

Take a look at the infographic below for more social trends and insights. And remember, don’t ever let nine hours go by before responding to a customer, unless, of course, that person is a troll.