The Content Strategist

How Multimedia Storytelling Is Changing Advertising

One-third of millennials now watch absolutely no broadcast TV, according to a 2014 New York Times study. This is causing a lot of brands to panic. But not all of them.

For some, it’s spurring the beginning of a renaissance in brand storytelling through multimedia. These brands are breaking out of the confines of the 30-second spot to experiment with in-depth narratives that go far beyond the simple blog posts of the content marketing 1.0 era.

These brands are not just telling these stories for cool points. They’re pursuing the same goal that always drove TV advertising: brand lift. In Contently’s new e-book, “Marketing in the Post-Text World: How Multimedia Storytelling Is Changing Advertising,” you can learn about:

Pioneer brands

From “Snow Fall”-style immersive design to a cable-quality web series, forward-thinking brands are breaking new storytelling ground and delighting readers in the process.

The keys to great multimedia storytelling

There’s no secret formula to great multimedia storytelling, but there are proven tactics. Learn about the science behind narrative transportation and how to reach an audience at scale.

The road ahead

Will Critchlow, founder and CMO of Distilled, believes that the innovation tipping point in advertising will come within the next five years; in other words, the experimental efforts we see today will become standard. Wherever these changes are taking us, it’s clear that at the end of the road lies a compelling, immersive story.