Contently Research Services

Turn data into content, and tell stories no one else can tell.

Some of the most effective content comes from a brand’s internal data and expertise. Contently Research helps you tap into those resources and become a true thought leader in your industry.

Vetted, Expert Research Teams

Our research team includes analysts, data reporters, and infographics designers from the world’s most respected research organizations like Forrester, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and WPP. Their mission: to unearth stories that will make your company stand out.

White Papers and Thought Leadership

We use a proven process to turn data and complex information into reader-friendly stories that engage readers across multiple channels. This can include white papers for lead generation, infographics for social engagement, and articles for easily digestible thought leadership.

Original Research and Data Analysis

The most effective thought leadership comes from brands that tackle the unanswered questions facing their industry. Contently Research will handle every aspect of your original research initiatives, including:

Infographics and Data Visualization

Readers today crave visual, data-driven content. Our data visualization specialists offer a wide range of services that let you tell dynamic stories that will resonate with readers across every digital channel.

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