Smart Distribution Services

Reach your target audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media buys.

Creating content is only half the battle. (Okay, maybe 60 percent.) We make sure that the stories you tell get in front of the biggest—and best—possible audience.

Reach 1 Billion People Worldwide

Make sure your content makes the maximum impact. The Contently Smart Distribution service spreads your content to your desired audiences through a global network of publishers and hyper-targeted social channels.


Distribution Optimization

We use the best practices developed by the world’s best digital publishers to optimize headlines, images, and channels for maximum efficiency and impact. Our clients see their media dollars go further with us than anywhere else, with an up-to 60 percent reduction in CPC.

Powered by Contently Analytics

Contently Smart Distribution works in tandem with Contently Analytics to ensure that you’re generating maximum engagement, not just getting empty clicks. Our Analytics proactively determine which content to promote and where to promote it, while instantly capturing the impact of your distribution dollars and helping you optimize your spend over time.

Guaranteed Engagement

Contently is the only provider to deliver guaranteed engagement rates. We promise our clients at least 50 percent engagement and at least 15 seconds of engaged time per reader.

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