The Subtle Art of Content Marketing as Sales Enablement

The Subtle Art of Content Marketing as Sales Enablement

Drive engagements and build stronger relationships with sales-enablement content

The art of selling in the new technology age is changing. No longer is using buzz words and addressing common pain points enough. We sometimes forget that what seems to be basic terms can be lost in presentation. That’s where sales-enablement content becomes so important.

Understanding prospects behaviors, social presence, and the information they are reading and sharing is very important. Having your sales force send helpful content to their prospect’s about their industry that addresses common pain points is far more impactful and is proven to generate an ongoing conversation. Offering content of value is what matters to your prospects. Start using sales-enablement content as a talking point to help build stronger relationships and ultimately close business.

In this webinar, see how to:

  • Adjust your mindset to starting a conversation rather than a qualifying process
  • Send prospects the right content at the right time
  • Build a consistent space for salespeople to access relevant content

Download the slides and watch the webinar below.

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