The First Engagement Benchmarks for Downloadable Documents

Marketers can track almost everything that lives on the web. However, some of the most valuable digital marketing collateral doesn’t live on web pages. Resource-intensive assets like e-books, white papers, sales sheets, case studies, PDFs, and slideshows are crucial for generating leads and nurturing prospects, but marketers have had no real way to track how they perform.

At Contently, that’s a problem we’ve solved through our new technology: Contently Document Analytics. In this report, you’ll discover how over 100,000 decision-makers have engaged with downloadable marketing assets.

Key findings include:

  • Though the average length of a downloadable document is 13.4 pages, readers only spend 2:03 engaging with downloadable content.
  • 35 percent of readers spend less than 30 seconds engaging with downloadable content.
  • Nearly 95 percent of readers don’t print the PDFs they download.
  • Average desktop view time (2:12) is 30 percent longer than average mobile view time (1:27).

To dig into these findings and more, download our “Engagement Benchmarks” report by filling out the form below.

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