The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook

The other day, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, committed 99 percent of their Facebook stock to an LLC dedicated to charitable endeavors. That stock will come out to around $45 billion, which, according to the New York Post, will be the largest foundation sum in the world.

So where did all that money come from? Interestingly, not from social network users—at least, not directly. Zuckerberg built a digital empire on the back of good, old-fashioned advertiser money, with the help of one of the most advanced ad platforms on the Internet: Facebook.

In this e-book, we’ll trace Facebook’s past, present, and future from a content marketing perspective. Most importantly, we’ll take a look at how marketers can leverage this immensely powerful ad platform for huge results, with advice from some of the top Facebook experts in the industry. Along the way, we’ll also examine case stories from some of the brands that have already learned how to master the platform.

With a quarter of global Internet traffic flowing through its blue veins, and a stranglehold on social spend, it’s clear that Facebook is here to stay. Now, it’s up to marketers to learn exactly how the platform can make or break their content efforts.

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