Contently Case Studies Flipbook: The Finance Industry

Finance companies have to navigate an unusual dynamic: People struggle with personal finance, but most of them don’t trust the finance industry. How can brands bridge that gap and connect with consumers?

A recent Contently survey on millennials and finance found that 30 percent of the young GIF-lovers did not trust finance companies, while 43 percent were unsure. Additionally, less than one-third of people aged 18 to 35 have a credit card, and millennials own houses at half the rate of the national average. There’s good news though: Nearly half of millennials indicate they’d be more likely to trust a financial services company if it created useful content.

A few forward-thinking financial institutions are leading the pack when it comes to useful content. JPMorgan Chase is hailed for its newsroom that has released several video series on developing communities in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. In 2015, Bank of America partnered with the Khan Academy to launch a free education platform and joined forces with Vice to create the hip video series, “The Business of Life.” And American Express OPEN Forum has consistently pushed the creative boundaries for telling stories about small businesses.

As the industry gets more sophisticated with its approach to content, we wanted to highlight the achievements of Contently’s finance clients, focusing on the strategies that helped them build strong content marketing programs.

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