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How MD Financial Management Proved the Value of Content in 3 Months

See how MD Financial Management drove results by personalizing content


While most financial companies try to reach all consumers, MD Financial Management has a specific audience in mind: Canadian doctors. MD Financial Management has been around since 1969, but to develop a stronger connection with those physicians, it recently started to invest more in content marketing. 

“Content is an amazing way for us to set ourselves apart from the financial services industry that deals with everybody,” said Shawna Dennis, VP of marketing and communications. “No one questions a brand’s need for a website. Content should be non-negotiable too.”

In order to develop a successful content program, Dennis and her team set out to accomplish three goals at once: develop an actionable strategy, focus on ideation and distribution, and prove the value of content to the rest of the company. 

“We needed to nail down a strategy and bring it to life,” Dennis said. “So we brought in Contently.”


In the past, the marketing team produced one large guide for all target customers. However, with a new strategy in place, MD Financial Management had the ability to personalize content. 

Contently worked with internal resources to create downloadable guides, blog posts, and more, segmenting its output across four personas: early career medical professionals, newly incorporated physicians, longtime incorporated doctors planning their estates, and retiring physicians. In addition to specializing in tax efficiency and incorporation, the brand also expanded its coverage to include financial wellness and literacy. 

To source new ideas, MD Financial Management is relying on Contently’s pitch request feature. Every quarter, the company lays out a new theme. Contributors then send proposed headlines, abstracts, and deadlines through Contently’s platform, helping the brand save time when setting its content calendar. 

It took less than three months for MD Financial Management to start seeing meaningful results, as leads and organic traffic from content surged. Anchored by the new guides, organic traffic increased 123 percent year-over-year.  

“These pieces of content have outperformed any other content we’ve ever put out there,” Dennis said.

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