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What Are the Hot Content Marketing Trends in Technology for 2023?

Here’s the hot take on the trends related to technology for content marketing, based on responses to the 2023 Contently State of Content Marketing Survey.

Almost all content teams—94 percent, in fact—use some technology to facilitate content creation and delivery. That’s according to the 206 marketing leaders who responded to the survey.

A common thread connects the most popular technologies respondents use today, as well as the ones they’re planning to invest in for 2023. And that thread weaves through the challenges content marketers expect to face this year.

That is, business leaders have high expectations for returning to growth, though they are scrutinizing how marketers spend every dollar.

As a result, content marketing teams are focusing on building up the skills of their people and investing in enabling technology to drive content impact.

Let’s take a closer look at how that shows up in the findings on technology.

Installed Tech Emphasizes Collaboration, Publication, and Measurement

The most popular technologies for content marketing teams make it easier to collaborate, share information, manage workflows across projects and tasks, and push content out to the market.

These include content collaboration tools like Google Docs, Dropbox, or Sharepoint; followed by content management systems like WordPress; SEO tracking and measurement solutions like Semrush or Moz; and project management platforms like Asana or Workfront.

The four most common marketing technologies used by content teams, according to surcey respondents

These insights into the technology that content marketers use echo the types of skills respondents hope to develop in their teams in 2023. Specifically, about a third of respondents say they want to improve project management skills in their people. This makes sense, given that better project management skills—coupled with a project management platform to provide transparency and automation—can make teams more productive.

With clear processes, expectations, and information, content teams can spend more time creating and less time bogged down in clunky processes.

Future Tech Will Enable More Efficient Creation

That theme of doing more with the same resources also came through when we looked at the fastest-growing technologies in content marketing.

For instance, we see rapid growth in the adoption of content marketing platforms in 2023. Eighteen percent of respondents used one in 2022, and an additional 24 percent plan to deploy one in the coming year. If respondents realize those plans, it would represent a 133 percent year-over-year growth in adoption by this sample.

What other technologies will achieve transcendent growth in 2023? Generative AI, especially for language. That probably surprises no one. Fourteen percent of respondents say they used generative AI in 2022, and an additional 23 percent plan to deploy it in 2023. That’s a 160 percent growth rate! AI editing tools like Grammarly possibly smoothed the way, given that 40 percent of respondents already used them in 2022.

Content teams plan to rapidly increase their use of generative AI in 2023.

Doing more with the same resources requires that content teams up their game with sound processes and a functional and easy-to-use technology stack.

Learn more about how content marketers are investing in people and technology in the State of Content Marketing 2023 report. Click here to download your copy.

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