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Create a Better Content Calendar With This 4-Pillar Framework

All my life, no one has ever called me organized or neat. I tend to keep random objects in small piles around my apartment. I write reminders on the backs of my hands. My mind is like a big box of Jelly Belly beans that’s been shaken up by a sugar-manic child—it’s just chaos in there.

That’s why I make near-obsessive use of calendars. I’ve learned that my momentary interests will throw my priorities off track. I use Google calendar on my phone, and I color-code all the appointments and commitments on my fridge. And of course, I use a content calendar while working at Contently, using our very own platform.

But the dirty secret of content marketing is that creating a content calendar is much harder than it seems. It can’t just be a list of stories you think might be fun to write. Each piece of content needs to map to your audience’s interests and your company’s business goals. It needs to be a cohesive part of your content strategy and have a clear purpose.

To make this easier for you, we developed a simple, four-pillar framework, available in Contently’s new Content Strategy Series. Our first bundle covers brand awareness and thought leadership, and our content calendar and framework is just one several lessons and templates you get when you download our free course.

To download the Content Calendar and Pillar Framework and watch our fun video explainer on filling it out, register for the Content Strategy Series!

Image by Gary Spector

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