Content Sutra Podcast, Ep. 2: Can Ad-Supported Media Survive?

Right now, the media industry is kind of like a 16-year-old who just started getting really into Camus: There’s an existential panic that grows stronger every day and a total uncertainty over what the next five years will bring. (Also, lots of Diet Coke and weird crushes.)

In our second episode of the Content Sutra┬ápodcast, we welcome Thought Catalog CRO Alex Magnin to talk about some of the media industry’s biggest topics: Facebook Instant Articles, native advertising, the short and miserable life of display advertising, and more.

Then, we play “Buy, Sell, Hold” on your favorite media companies. Will a new political focus save Gawker? Is BuzzFeed really a technology company? Will the Grey Lady live to be 200? Will we ever forgive ESPN for shuttering Grantland?

To find out, download the podcast on iTunes or listen below.

Image by 3d Pictures

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