Watch Shane Snow Reveal the Giant Marketing Opportunity You’re Missing

What does the advent of the printing press have to do with Snapchat? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

As best-selling author and Contently co-founder Shane Snow explained in his riveting keynote talk at The Contently Summit—which you can watch below—the underlying dynamics of the media world have held true across generations. When technological innovation comes along and upends media, the winners are the folks who focus on tackling a few important challenges: creating content, engaging an audience, and optimizing the entire process quickly and efficiently.

This idea has never resonated more than it does today. Technological innovations that change the way we tell stories seem to come not once in a generation, but once a quarter. However, as Shane explains, the opportunity has never been greater—especially for brands, which can now distribute their content with unprecedented efficiency and scale. All they need is the right methodology and approach to build a powerful, fast, and effective content marketing machine.

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