Super Meta Infographic: Why Infographics Are Content Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Remember last week when we posted an infographic about infographics? Well it turns out the meta fun wasn’t quite over.

This week, we’re bringing you yet another infographic on infographics, courtesy of OneSpot. And this isn’t just any infographic on infographics: It’s a super ultra mega meta infographic. As you could probably guess, it features a tsunami of statistics on why infographics work and why content marketers should use them.

According to Google Trends, there are 62 million results for the search term “infographic” as of April 2015. That’s a lot of info, and a lot of graphics. It makes sense: Color images increase willingness to read by 80 percent, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

If these statistics have left you chomping at the bit to create an infographic of your own, do not despair—this infographic also has information on the various types of infographics, tools to help you make them, and even design rules like how many colors to use. Check it out below.

Image by Bloomua

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