Shutterstock Reimagines Westeros as a Corporate Battlefield, and It’s Pretty Great

Spring may have just arrived, but Game of Thrones fans around the world are chanting “Winter is coming” in anticipation of the show’s fifth season, which premieres April 12.

Shutterstock apparently couldn’t handle their excitement for the return of HBO’s hit fantasy drama either. Way back in 2013, the stock-images company created a popular series of ad posters imagining what the Great Houses of Westeros would look like as modern-day corporations. Now, Westeros’s favorite fictional businesses like AirTargaryen, Lannister Investment Group, and Stark Outfitters are back with full-on commercials.

Impressively, all the ads were created by editing together clips of Shutterstock video, while the music came courtesy of royalty-free music site Premium Beat.

(Full disclosure: Shutterstock is a Contently client.)

In honor of the show’s newest house, Shutterstock also “launched” Martell Promotions. Drawing from the house’s famed sexual appetite, the brand decided the Martells would be all about partying. They even created a poster for Martell Promotions’s own fictional desert concert festival that’ll have all the hipsters trading in their Coachella tickets for a chance to see Hodor and the Hodors.

Who else really wants to hear actual songs from Jorah the Explorah and There Are Definitely Giants? Get on that Spotify playlist, Shutterstock!

Shutterstock Game of Thrones

Image by Shutterstock

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