Watch Organic Valley Try to Save the Bros and Remind Us of a Key Content Strategy Lesson

Over the past year, one of our most consistently retweeted articles has been this roundup of “3 Amazing Pieces of Anti-Hipster Content Marketing,” and it’s served as a powerful reminder that┬ámaking fun of easily lampooned cultural archetypes is an important part of any content strategy.

Another reminder: This new viral video from Organic Valley, which positions bros as an endangered species due to their reliance on protein shakes full of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

The writing here is dope, bro, and asks some important questions as sad music plays in the background:

“Without bros, who would get the club crunk?”

“Who would make comments about your physique that aren’t appropriate, but still appreciated?”

“Who will remind us to go big or to go home?”

“What will happen to Las Vegas?”

“Or the shores of New Jersey?”

Organic Valley’s plan to save the bros, of course, involves buying their Organic Fuel protein shake. “Just tell a bro it has a ton of protein, and he’ll pound the shit out of it,” the narrator instructs. (#Realtalk)

The video also plugs Nature Valley’s Buy One, Bro One campaign, which is basically just buy one get one free but for bros. And I might do it, both for the simple humor of “bro-ing one” to my bro friends and because covering this campaign made me really crave a protein shake.

Image by Organic Valley

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