This Puppy-Heavy Content Marketing Will Save You From Your First-Week-Back Stress

Are you feeling stressed this week? I’m going to guess the answer is yes! The first week of January is an insane time for marketers—particularly content marketers. It’s when everyone floods your inbox and traps you in meeting rooms to present their big plans for the year, which really need the support of some awesome content, and oh, by the way, we really need everything complete ASAP because our sales cycle is six to nine months, so we need to get everything out by April at the latest to deliver in 2015 or else we’ll all get canned and OH MY GOD THE OFFICE IS ON FIRE.

Whew, that was cathartic.

And you know what may be cathartic for you? Watching this awesome piece of branded content from Dogswell—or as our VP of Content Sam Slaughter calls it, “branded dogtent.” The maker of premium dog treats wanted to reinforce its theory that healthier/happier dogs leads to healthier/happier humans, which is at the core of its “Unleash the Happy” campaign. (I see what you did there, Dogswell.)

So they set up an appointment with an anxiety-ridden NYC company to interview them about stress in the workplace. The company’s open-plan office eerily resembles every hip startup or agency I’ve ever worked at, but the stress levels of the employees, captured by hidden camera, are on a dystopian level. I imagine this might be what Contently would look like if we replaced Shane Snow—who is a very chill breed of co-founder/thought leader—with Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dogswell’s solution? Dogs, and lots of them. When the fake news crew comes up, they’re quickly replaced with a pack of dogs and puppies that instantly changes the office’s mood. It’s awesome and, even better, it aligns incredibly well with Dogswell’s brand message about how happy, healthy dogs benefit the human psyche. The public seems to agree, as it’s been viewed over half a million times.

Now this is a brand message I can get behind. More puppies in the workplace! And on that note, I’d like to introduce you to Contently’s latest puppy, Beast, whose picture will conclude this post—which is possibly the most Friday post I’ve ever written.

Image by Dogswell

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