Need to Know: New SEO vs. Old SEO (Infographic)

If you’re still keyword-plugging your blog posts, there’s a decent chance you wear overalls with one strap down, three-quarter pants, and mood rings because, giiiirl, you’re living in another decade.

One of my favorite developments of the 2010s is how SEO has changed—or more specifically, how the spammy old tactics of yore don’t work anymore. Search optimization isn’t perfect yet, but it’s far closer to what it should be: optimizing for your audience by creating content that people choose to engage with.

The infographic below, courtesy of content-marketing savant Neil Patel, fully captures the way search optimization has evolved. If you’re just starting to get your SEO knowledge up to date, or want to explain how SEO works to another member of your team, it’s a great tool to have. Favorite stat: 88 percent of the companies that use SEO integrate content marketing into their strategies because—bottom line—great, widely shared stories = higher rankings.

Read, tweet, pin, and enjoy your Tuesday.

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Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Image by Max Griboedov

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