You Need to Watch This Hilarious Parody of Real-Time Marketing

Two years ago, the lights went off at the Super Bowl, and with a tweet from Oreo, one of the most overhyped and annoying trends in advertising was born: real-time marketing.

I’ve been contemplating writing a 5,000-word screed explaining how the success of real-time marketing is largely an illusion, but now I don’t have to, because ad agency John St. has roasted the term in hilarious fashion.

The parody introduces Reactvertising, an agency “built on hyper-reactive social listening and super f*cking fast content production.”

“At first it was tricky,” @keri_zierler, a #speedwriter, explains. “We’d come up with an idea and send it out. But we learned pretty quickly it’s not about being funny or smart. It’s about being fast. So now we just write whatever pops into our heads.”

I could keep quoting lines, but you should probably just watch it:

John St. also produced three other videos parodying real-time marketing as well, and they’re all pretty awesome.

Reactvertising in mobile:

Reactvertising in TV:

Reactvertising R&D:

On second thought, after watching all of those videos, I’m feeling pretty inspired. I may write that 5,000-word screed against real-time marketing after all.

Image by John St.

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