Watch Gatorade Tell a Derek Jeter Story That’s Making Red Sox Fans Tear Up

The Instagram era has been called the age of instant nostalgia, and that effect has come to branded content with beautiful results. Today, Gatorade released a thank-you letter to Yankees fans from Derek Jeter in the form of a short video, “Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter.” Shot in black and white, it’s a stunning portrait of “The Captain” as he makes his way through the Bronx to one of his last games at Yankee Stadium, conjuring instant wistfulness for his time in pinstripes, even if they’re not yet over.

It’s also 90 seconds of branded content you won’t regret watching, even if you’re a rival fan or just don’t care much about baseball (like me).

​ ​

​Even Red Sox fans felt the impact.

Consider this a lock for our best of branded content of September.

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