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12 Quotes That Will Help You Work Smarter

We live in a world where technology and communication are causing everything to accelerate, from careers to innovation to meltdowns. Yet many things in many industries remain stuck. Most businesses stop growing after a few years. Most people are frustrated at the speed of their career progression. Most ideas die in Congress. Et cetera.

Part of this is because people have differences (read: Congress), but often it’s because we’re so used to working hard that we forget to step back and ask if we could be working smarter. And I believe we can make a lot more happen than we think we can.

I’m obsessed with the idea that breakthrough change happens when we break our assumptions, and that we can move faster than we’re expected to. Over the last few years, I’ve shared a lot on the subject, and had the honor of interviewing and studying a lot of interesting people who’ve proved naysayers wrong and changed the world. Here are some of my favorite quotations from them directly, or their collected wisdom that I’ve distilled in my new book, Smartcuts.

I hope some of these inspire you to think a little differently about the work you’re doing, too!

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“It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty if you think you can make a better glass.” #smartcuts

“Noticing the little things can help us conquer the big ones.” #smartcuts

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“Great stories build relationships and make people care. Those two things are necessary to change anything.” #smartcuts

“Genius has less to do with the size of your mind than how open it is.” #smartcuts

“It’s never too late to go bigger.” #smartcuts

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“The best paths to success are different today than they were yesterday.” #smartcuts

“Those who tell the stories don’t just rule the world. They can change it.” #smartcuts

“Working smart is harder than working hard. It’s just less visible, and we care too much about what others see.” #smartcuts

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Image by Sean Pavone

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