Content Catchup: Why Upworthy’s Sponsored Stories Are Going Viral, and More Must-Read Stories

If you spent all weekend wondering whether trekking through the New York humidity qualifies as a water sport, these stories will get you caught up and make you sound like the smartest guy in the room. Or at least, you know, competent enough to avoid getting fired:

Upworthy’s Sponsored Posts Are Crushing Their Regular Editorial. Here’s Why.

Stuff 50 marketing and media people in a room, and they’ll inevitably end up talking about two things: whiskey and native advertising. Upworthy added an incredibly interesting talking point to that discussion when they revealed that their brand-sponsored content is outperforming their regular content by a factor of three to one. I take a look at why these results pass the smell test, and the reasons that sites like Upworthy may be tailor-made for native ad success. Read it.

The Godfather of the Branded Web Series Reveals His Secrets to Success

The branded web series is the hot new content marketing trend, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually new. Jillian Richardson writes:

Before Chipotle’s “Farmed and Dangerous” and IKEA’s “Easy To Assemble,” there was “The Temp Life,” the web’s first-ever branded series, which was launched in 2006 by professional actor and producer Wilson Cleveland. I caught up with Wilson to dig deeper into the process of creating his shows and to see what advice he has for companies and creatives that want to embark on similar projects. Read it.

4 Ways You Can Cash In on the Attention Web, According to Chartbeat’s Tony Haile

If you’re up on your new media speak, you’ve probably heard of the “Attention Web,” the term used for monetizing time and attention instead of clicks. Ultimately, cashing in on something is way better than just hearing about it, and Chartbeat’s Tony Haile has a guide to show how you can do just that.

Neuroscience Says Stories May Make People Love Brands More Than Their Families. But Why?

Last week, I wrote about one of the most fascinating (and terrifying) studies of recent months and what it means for content marketers:

When I’m advocating for the potential of brand storytelling, there’s one neuroscience study that I’m always tempted to reference, mostly because of this super-sexy tl; dr: Three in eight people love a brand more than their spouses or kids, all because of the story button in their brains. Read it.

Branded Content, the Cannes Lions Festival, and the Search for Human Connection

In the wake of a Cannes Lions festival where no piece of branded content and entertainment took home the Grand Prix, judge Patricia Weiss explains why—and what she expects to happen next:

With the branded content industry on the rise, this “watershed” moment can happen. But we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. A lot to learn and discover. And it’s the great challenge for all brands and agencies because the audience has spoken, and they choose meaningful stories. Read it.

That’s the best from us. What stories rocked your world this week? Holler atcha boy @JoeLazauskas on Twitter.

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