Strangers Get Naked, Courtesy of Showtime

Within the past few months the internet has become saturated with videos of strangers interacting for the first time. And for good reason—the results are consistently adorable.

First, there was two strangers kissing:

Then, there was two strangers hugging:

Then, taking an unexpected turn, there was two strangers slapping each other. Believe it or not, this somehow still manages to be cute as hell:

Clearly, random people doing stuff together is officially an Internet sensation. Seeing an opportunity for some great exposure, Showtime made a video escalating the close encounters to the next level—by having people undress each other:

This isn’t a spoof of the other videos in the series. In fact, the clip commemorates the research done by William Masters and Virginia Johnson in 1957, when the scientists observed what happened when strangers got into their birthday suits. As the video states, “In 2014, we celebrate their groundbreaking research with 20 strangers undressing each other for fun.”

Forty-five percent of millennials reported that they don’t usually find sponsored content compelling enough to share. Yet “Undress Me” has reached over 7 million hits on YouTube. Clearly, viewers love this video and are eager to share it. This is good news for Showtime, which was smart enough to make its sponsorship of the video relatively subtle.

The clip is still directed by Tatia Pilieva, the same woman behind the viral “First Kiss” video. In fact, the name of the show being promoted, Masters of Sex, is not even in the title of the video. It’s only mentioned at the very end of the clip, and underneath in the description box, allowing viewers can focus on the video’s content and share it without feeling like they’re bombarding their friends with advertisements.

Of course, the video has received some criticism because all of the subjects in the video are beautiful, slender models. Personally, I’m waiting for the people behind The Big Bang Theory and Orange Is the New Black to make their own version.

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Image by Tatia Pilieva

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