Content Catchup: A Deep Dive Inside Coca-Cola’s Newsroom, Why RZA Just Signed With Dr Pepper, and More Must-Read Stories

The weather is heating up, and so is the content marketing industry. This week saw some stunning developments: hip-hop legends signing an exclusive deal with a soda brand; a tech company launching a magazine that shuns technology; and the content measurement debate reached a fever pitch. Let’s dive in.

RZA Is Creating Exclusive Tracks For Dr Pepper. Here’s Why


Haniya Rae reports on Dr Pepper and Complex Media lured RZA, The Hood Internet, and other hip-hop royalty into their new music studio:

Indeed, entertaining the millennial male audience is a huge challenge for brands and media companies alike. For Complex Media and Dr Pepper, the solution was to hire emerging artists (Robert DeLong, Rockie Fresh, Tinashe, and RAC) and established music producers (RZA, The Hood Internet, and David Andrew Sitek), and have them release three tracks over the next two months, all live-streamed on Read it.

Why Basecamp Just Launched an Online Magazine That Shuns Technology


Yael Grauer reports on one of the most unexpected branded content moves we’ve seen in a long time:

The Distance, Basecamp’s brand new online magazine, is a slow-cooked, longform publication that will publish one story a month about companies that have been in business for 25 years or longer—and, like Basecamp, have bootstrapped without outside investment. It will not feature Basecamp users—or any tech companies at all, in fact. Read it.

Why Content Marketers Are Using All the Wrong Metrics (And What They Should Be Measuring Instead)


In our latest report, we examine the ways in which brands are measuring their content all wrong and detail what they should be measuring instead:

In this report, we examine how flawed metrics came to dominate the media world, and how a growing movement has emerged to replace them with superior indicators of success. We look at where current metrics fall short, explain the metrics that should replace them, and, finally, predict how content measurement will evolve and grow more sophisticated over the next five years. Read more.

The Secret to Kickstarter’s Success Isn’t What You Think


How is Kickstarter able to get people to donate so much money to strangers online? Contently’s Shane Snow investigates and comes away with an unexpected answer. Read it.

A Look Deep Inside the Coca-Cola Newsroom: “If This Wasn’t Successful, We Would Pull the Plug”


In this piece, I dive into the heart of Coca-Cola’s international newsroom. Yes, international newsroom. You read that correctly.

In mid-March, Coca-Cola editors from across the globe came to Atlanta for three action-packed days. Unlike many tourists in town, they weren’t there for spring break. They’d made the trip to Coke’s hometown for the first-annual international brand publishing summit: “JourneyOn.” Read more.

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