3 Brands That Make the Boring Absolutely Awesome

Brands that sell “sexy” products have it easy, right? It can’t be all that hard to make fast cars, cool technology, and caffeine-infused energy drinks exciting. But what if your brand has the challenge of leading discussions around airline safety, home fixes, or personal hygiene?

While it might take an extra measure of creativity, brands in “boring” industries have proven that it’s possible to produce engaging content if you’re willing to not take yourself too seriously and simply appeal to your audience’s needs (and funny bones).

Take a look at three brands who do boring best.

Flotation devices get funky

If you haven’t seen Virgin America’s “Safety Video,” watch it right now before you keep reading.

You and the 9.2 million other people who have seen this video will never sit through a snoozefest safety lecture again without longing for this clip, which features dancers plucked straight from American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance! and is just plain awesome.

The website explains, “We tapped [a] Hollywood director (John Chu, known for his work in Step Up II & III, G.I. Joe, and the Microsoft Surface ads) to create a dynamic, high-energy safety video set entirely to dance and song—which reflects the brand’s musical roots and our commitment to ‘making flying fun again.’”

To keep the momentum of the viral video going, Virgin adopted a “sky’s the limit” approach. They launched a Safety Dance Battle contest that invited people to upload their own safety dance renditions on Instagram, prompting over 7,000 people to use the #VXSafetyDance hashtag. The grand prize winner will star in a brand new dance video, which we’re predicting will garner millions of more views. Write. It. Down.

A bum rap

As a toilet paper company, Charmin has had no qualms about stirring silly conversation around the embarrassingly human and all-too-universal act of going to the bathroom. They’ve been producing fun, digital campaigns for a while now—most notably the Sit or Squat app and cheeky “Tweets From the Seat” project. In fact, TIME recently ranked the toilet paper company the “Sassiest Brand on Twitter.”

Up next? The potty goes pop, thanks to some toilet tunes that rap and croon their way into our bathroom breaks. It might scare you just how radio-ready these songs sound. It’s only a matter of time before Pharrell makes going #2 the craze of the summer.

Six-second home improvement

What could be more boring than trying to remove a stripped screw or cleaning your kid’s crayon masterpiece off the wall? Maybe trying to sell the products that perform these functions. But Lowe’s, the home improvement store, found a way to share DIY hacks that tackle these home and garden challenges in a fun and innovative way by using six-second Vine videos, accompanied by the hashtag #LowesFixInSix.

While these brilliant solutions haven’t reached viral numbers (there are 16K followers on Lowe’s Vine profile so far), the campaign has received a great deal of acclaim in the marketing and advertising industries, winning awards like the O’TooleBox Advertising Award.

As these three brands continue to show, even the most mundane products can get people riled up and eager to share if paired with the right content.

Check out some other examples of great content from supposedly “boring” brands we’ve covered in past articles:

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Image by Virgin America
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