Content Catchup: The Chat App Revolution, and 5 Other Stories You Might Have Missed

This week, we’ve been scrambling to ship the latest edition of our print magazine, Contently Quarterly. Working on print is always an exhilarating throwback; to get the full experience, I took up smoking Lucky Strikes, bought three tweed jackets, and tried to build myself a cubicle. (Which was a total fail once I realized that I’m not even capable of putting IKEA furniture together.)

But that doesn’t mean that we neglected our first publishing love: digital. Check out the top stories from this week.

7 Inspiring Things I Learned During My Weekend With the Oatmeal

Contently co-founder Shane Snow followed around Matthew Inman, the artist behind the viral comic sensation, as he explored the late scientist Nikola Tesla’s laboratory. Along the way, he grilled Inman about the formula that made his work go viral, and learned some surprising things. Read it.

Intimacy at Scale: Chat Apps and the Community Marketing Revolution

There are now 19 billion more reasons to get your chat app marketing game in order.

But there’s a lot of confusion about what brands can actually do on these platforms. How do you scale to reach millions? Plus, isn’t Snapchat supposed to be dead by summer 2014? Read it.

Death to Pageviews. All Hail Engaged Time, the New King of Content Metrics.

If you’re a brand publisher, you’re probably measuring your content all wrong.

It’s not just you. It’s everyone in the brand publishing world—the thousands of CMOs, strategists, editors, and writers who go to work and use measurement methodologies and tools designed for media companies that make money by selling ads. Read it.

Old Spice’s Interactive Content Puts Huey Lewis Back in the News

Old Spice is giving men the hair that Patrick Bateman would kill for — specifically, a mane that can play 29 Huey Lewis and the News songs on demand. The latest and greatest from the innovative CPG brand is worth checking out, particularly for the smart ways they’re distributing the content. Read it.

5 Content Marketing Lessons From Journalists

Journalists have to engage readers. Their livelihood—literally—depends on it. That’s why they’ve spent decades perfecting the craft of making stories interesting to readers. Content marketing involves a similar challenge: engaging prospects or potential clients by telling stories related to their brand and the things their brand cares about. And there’s a lot marketers can learn from the journalism world. Read it.

Has the Travel Industry Missed the Brand Publishing Boat?

Travel and leisure should be the stuff of content marketers’ dreams — environments rich with images and stories. But in recent years, the travel industry has fallen way behind in its content marketing efforts. Read it.

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