Old Spice’s Interactive Content Puts Huey Lewis Back in the News

Old Spice is giving men the hair that Patrick Bateman would kill for — specifically, a mane that can play 29 Huey Lewis and the News songs on demand.

For its new That’s The Power of Hair campaign, Old Spice is passing around this embeddable, interactive video of a man (being fawned over by a gorgeous woman) who invites you to request a Huey Lewis song that his hair will then play for you.

“When you’ve got great hair like this, you’d be surprised how many Huey Lewis songs it can play on piano,” the hair says smugly. It’s actually a synth keyboard, but considering that this is a video where a head of hair plays Huey Lewis songs, I don’t think we need to be too concerned about accuracy.

Once the hair heads to the keyboard, you start to type in the song of choice — “The Power of Love,” “Bad is Bad,” “Doing It All for My Baby,” etc. — and a drop down menu will recommend selections, in case you haven’t brushed up on your Huey Lewis discography lately. (For shame!) You’re then invited share your experience on Facebook and Twitter with suggested captions like, “Watch some hair perform ‘Better Be True’ on piano real good.”

(Props to Old Spice for resisting going all Upworthy with something like, “This guy lost all his hair. You won’t believe what happened next!”)

This wacky piece of shareable content comes as a continuation of Old Spice’s campaign for hair products, which launched in January. Previous spots featured scenarios in which a dude’s hair crawls off his head, gets girls’ phone numbers, and wins a prize in the claw machine at an amusement park.

Those are worth a chuckle or an eyebrow raise, but this new, interactive direction allows people to really engage with Old Spice’s content, and share it liberally. The Huey Lewis video can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices, as well as embedded into website pages and custom banners.

Old Spice helped spread the video, in part, with a sponsored post on Deadspin, whose young, pop-culture savvy audience seems like an ideal fit for the video.

This explosion of quirk should come as no surprise, given that Old Spice has made itself known for viral, out-of-the-box marketing campaigns, historically devised by the creative minds at Wieden + Kennedy Portland. Think Isaiah Mustafa’s lady-charming of 2010, last year’s Wolfdog creature, and the recent Momsong musical spot. And, of course, there was the interactive Terry Crews Old Spice Muscle Music video, which let you play music by flexing Terry Crews’ muscles.

As for why they chose to feature a Grammy-winning pop rock band from the ’80s this time around, Craig Allen, a creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, told The New York Times, “It’s kind of a fun throwback where our older guys will get him, and younger guys will get him from movies that his music’s in, like Pineapple Express and Back to the Future.”

(And American Psycho, Craig. C’mon now.)

So sure, you can head to Spotify and relive those ’80s glory days, but now, thanks to Old Spice, you can also sit back and consider having a hairpiece be your DJ for a little while instead.

What a time to be alive.

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