Content Catchup: Rethinking Storytelling, Building Brand Newsrooms, and Polyamorous Content Marketing

Where do you read your industry news? I don’t mean what sites, but physically where. I often do my own content marketing catchup during my walk to and from Contently HQ. Winding through Soho and the East Village, I read a half dozen articles on my iPhone, just begging someone to come along and punch me in the face. But now that the weather has dropped below freezing in the morning, I’m losing that valuable catchup time, since I have to focus on shivering and hating myself for losing every pair of gloves I own.

So, if you’re falling behind, I feel your pain. And that’s why the content catchup is here.

‘We’re Not Respecting The Rooms We’re Telling Stories In’: Gary Vaynerchuk Reveals Content Marketing’s ‘Massive Mistake’

Gary Vaynerchuk is a performance artist trapped in a social media expert’s body. His keynote at the Contently Brand Summit had everyone in attendance clamoring on Twitter to be his new best friend and giving a big “Amen!” to his message: Don’t create a story and then distribute via social platforms; tell stories native to those platforms. Check out the link above to watch a video of his talk and read our recap. You won’t regret it.

Engagement, And Authenticity, And Relevancy, Oh My! Content Marketers Confess Their Biggest Challenges

Content marketers face a lot of challenges. But what are the biggest ones? We found a few volunteers willing to enter our confession booth.

How Do You Bring Brand Publishing’s Blurred Lines Into Focus? (Hint: Not By Twerking)

If content marketing had a theme song, it would probably be “Blurred Lines.” Is it advertising? Journalism? Media? Something in between? At the Contently Brand Publishing Summit, we found a few brave souls from the biggest names in brand publishing to discuss how the industry can bring those blurred lines into focus. Robin Thicke, unfortunately, was unavailable for comment.

How To Build A Brand Newsroom: The Experts Dish Their Secrets

Brand newsrooms! Following Oreo’s brand newsroom allowing them to own the Super Bowl Bowl Blackout, they’ve been one of the hot topics of 2013. But how do you actually build one? We got a bunch of brand newsroom leaders to spill their secrets.

Brand Publishing: Eerily Similar To A Lasting Marriage

Flowers and fancy wines may be central elements of a great first date, but try and build a marriage around them, and things will get wilted and bleary in a hurry. Similarly, one great flashy of content doesn’t make a content marketing program. To succeed for the long run, it’s all about building lasting relationships with your partners. What can we say? Content marketing can get a little polyamorous.

What’s the deal with the Content Strategist? It’s something we created at Contently because we believe in a world where marketing is helpful, and businesses grow by telling stories that people love. Take advantage of our tools and talent and come build that world with us.

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