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CONTENT WATCH: Quit being a SaaS-hole, and more

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionado who loves the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are a handful of headlines to kickstart your Thursday:

Don’t Be a SaaS-Hole (AllThingsD)
If your customer interactions are limited to 140 characters or fewer, your business may have a problem. In this article, Jeff Cavins makes the argument that Silicon Valley has completely lost touch with its customers — enterprise included — with too much automation and the replacement of physical interaction with digital.

To See the Value of Social Media, Watch What Happened in Turkey When the Local Media Failed (PaidContent)
When a peaceful political protest in Turkey evolved into a full-fledged uprising, the local media was airing documentaries about penguins. In the midst of this coverage gap, social media filled the void.

Over Half of All Americans Now Own a Smartphone (The Verge)
Bad news for brands that  haven’t figured out their mobile strategies yet: New research from Pew shows that 56 percent of Americans now own smartphones, and that’s even taking into account people who don’t own cell phones at all. In case you’re wondering, Android and iOS have equal market share.

CMOs: Build a Digital Relationship or Die (HBR)
Your company’s chief marketing officer should be adapting to the reality of customer acquisition in a world where global brands can practically rise overnight. Analyst James McQuivey says that “the cost to build this kind of digital bridge or relationship with customers is at an all-time low and will only keep falling.”

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