CONTENT WATCH: Big Tobacco’s Content Marketing Comeback, and more

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionado who loves the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are a handful of headlines to kickstart your Tuesday:

Is Big Tobacco Back as a Big Advertiser? (AdAge)
The three largest U.S. tobacco companies are entering the electronic cigarette market, which is currently unregulated by the FDA. This means they can jump back into media channels that they haven’t been able to in full since the ’70s. How long will it last?

Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Bio Is Perfect, Describes Her as “Pantsuit Aficionado” (Slate)
If you’re looking for examples of awesome personal branding, look no further than Hillary Clinton’s Twitter debut. A latecomer to the platform, Hillary has finally sent her first tweet, and within a day, she already has hundreds of thousands of followers. High-five to America’s favorite ‘pantsuit aficionado.’

The Deep, Dark Secret of SEO (PandoDaily)
According to this article, the secret to this murky goal is to create content that is relevant and that readers love, prioritizing user experience in the process. Stuffing keywords into your content will no longer give you a leg up…because everybody’s doing it.

5 Free Startup PR Tools to Start Using Right Now (Onboardly)
PR and marketing company Onboardly’s co-founders say they’re frequently asked whether they invest in expensive PR tools and wire services. They say no, following a belief that every interaction should be a personalized one and that generic blasts really don’t help.  Here are five tools they recommend.

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