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Facebook Don’ts, Social’s Analytical Edge, Geospatial Meets Digital

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionados who love the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are the gems you need to kickstart your Wednesday:

Dislike: How Not to Treat Your Customers on Facebook (Inc)
Social media positions customer service as the heart and soul of your organization. Don’t muck it up.

The Internet is literally all-knowing, and if you’re slacking off, the community at large will know, and guess what? You’ll lose business. Here are key mistakes from one company’s blunders.

Let’s Talk about that 500 Startups Video (TechCrunch)
CEOs, marketers, and money-makers: listen up. If you mean business, you need to unwind. Be human, be hilarious, and don’t be afraid to put yourself ‘out there.’

The public at large will love you for it, as this 500 Startups video showcases.  Remember that behind great brand strategies are exceptionally awesome people.

Twitter Buys Another Analytical Startup (The Verge)
Online, conversations happen fast. That’s why Luckysort developed a product called TopicWatch, a text-mining application that pinpoints patterns in volumes of text data.

Twitter thinks that this technology is exactly what they need to help advertisers target users in real-time. Here’s one way that data overload is actually an information gold mine.

“Remember to Buy Milk”: Sends Texts Triggered by Location with LocoText (Tech Cocktail)
The digital and physical worlds are blurring. The culprit? Mobile.

Connections are infite and data is boundless. Here’s a geo-communications app that is mashing together two beautiful art forms: SMS and GPS for a new way to send messages.

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