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Blogger Outrage, Tweet Neutralization, Advertising ‘Ugh’

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficiondos who love the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are the gems you need to kickstart your Monday.

Disney Film Publicist’s Joke Photo with Bloggers Sparks Backlash  (AdWeek)
Here’s what happens when one photo goes horribly wrong.

Bloggers are powerful online forces, so think twice before you speak. A little bit of context may have helped this (allegedly) well-intentioned Disney exec.

What’s White House Policy on Neutralizing Damaging Tweets? (Mashable)
Social media is first and foremost an honor system. So what happens if something goes terribly, terribly wrong? On Tuesday, a hacked Associated Press Twitter account had far-reaching and damaging consequences.

The tweet in question? A false rumor about President Obama’s safety. Evidence suggests that the White House was taken off-guard. There were no assurances of Obama’s safety on the various official Twitter feeds. Lesson learned: communication is a powerful force and needs protective protocols too.

Hyundai Apologizes for U.K. Ad that Depicts Suicide Attempt (AdAge)

There are some emotional depths where your ads should absolutely never go. Suicide is one of them.

The auto giant is apologizing yet again for a commercial that depicts a man trying to kill himself in his vehicle. The man’s savior? His car, an IX35 crossover that failed to produce enough harmful emissions for his demise.

Feast Brings the Online Academy Model to Cooking Classes (GigaOM)
Online education is a powerful trend — but there’s more to life than coding, analyzing data, and designing.

A company called Feast is developing online content for kitchen education. Here’s a look into one of the first online cooking schools.

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