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Target’s Tough Sell, Google Cracks Down, Product-Market Fits

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionados who love the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are the gems you need to kickstart your Tuesday.

Target’s ‘Show Don’t Sell’ Content Strategy (Digiday)
This retail giant shares a valuable content marketing lesson — stop pitching your products, and focus on solving your customers’ problems instead.

Here’s Digiday’s 360-degree view into Target’s content strategy.

Google Details Hardened Ad Policies (TNW)
Google has cracked down on shady advertising — yet again. This time, the technology giant is tightening up its rules with downloadable software and toolbars.

On the whole, Google has seen a year-over-year reduction in ‘bad’ players — but enough sometimes isn’t enough. Google’s decision here is a direct response to the 100,000 complaints its received in the last 90 days. Here’s how the search giant is balancing core profitability objectives with its user experience priorities.

4 Ways to Know You’re Selling to the Right Market (Inc)
Whether you’re building a new department at an established venture or building a new team altogether, you’ve likely faced a chicken/egg scenario.

When you’re creating something new, you have immense flexibility. How do you know that you’re selling to the target market that’s best for your organization? Look to the problems you’re solving, your business model, and the surrounding trends that surface. A key tool to help you do all of the above and more? Content marketing.

Facebook Hooks Up With Attorneys General (All Things D)
Teen privacy is a social media problem that needs to be solved. That’s why Facebook has teamed up with the government.

Facebook will work with 19 attorneys general across the U.S. to create educational videos on how to manage your Facebook pages as effectively as possible. Solutions to the privacy struggle are nebulous, but one core principle shines — education is a key first step.

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