Your Pinterest Strategy Decoded [INFOGRAPHIC]

Word on the street is that Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of referral traffic. Last year, the virtual pin board actually beat Yahoo Organic traffic (at least according to one data source, it did).

Accuracy of exact numbers aside, Pinterest is serious business that your content marketing team needs to at least consider. Sure, if you’re running an online dictionary website, Pinterest may not be the best fit for your social strategy — or is it?

You may not realize it, but Pinterest is a strong fit with a variety of advertising agendas. Love sharing quotes? Create ‘quote of the day’ boards to inspire your community. Need a place to house your customer testimonial videos? Take a lesson from Salesforce’s customer success stories board.

The value in Pinterest is that it’s beautiful, transforming ordinary content into a visually stunning format. That’s why brands like Sephora and Z Gallerie are so active on the platform — because they rely on beauty as a marketing medium to sell. And boy, does Pinterest have them sell. According to The Social Times and VentureBeat article, Sephora’s Pinterest followers spend, on average, 15 times more on Sephora products than the company’s Facebook fans.

So here’s a how-to guide from Prestige Marketing compiled in true Pinterest visual spirit — as an infographic.

Why this visual rocks:

For content marketers and social strategists who aren’t quite sure where Pinterest fits with their brands, this breakdown literally tells you what to do, step by step. It tells you (in data) why Pinterest is important and how to understand your audience.

It breaks down the key dimensions of a successful content strategy — you need to think beyond product promotion to build a true community around your brand.

Room for improvement:

The awesomeness of this infographic would be amplified with some concrete brand examples. What exactly does a Pinterest strategy look like in action?

The infographic tells a great story, but a case study would do wonders in bringing the argument down to Earth.


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