Can Content Help You Find Love?

Valentine’s Day is over, but love, they say, never dies.

We humans are wired for it. From love doctor columns to Delilah on the radio, relationship and romance content has some of the highest engagement—and staying power—of any genre. Is it any wonder that romance novels beat virtually every other category in sales?

Whether you’re telling love stories or not, the content strategy lessons you’ll learn at next week’s Valentine-themed Content Conversations meetup in New York City will help you improve your writing, publishing, and content marketing game.

Here’s the link to sign up for the meetup group. It’s Wednesday, Feb. 20, and it’s free.

Since summer 2012, Content Conversations — sponsored by Contently and Outbrain — has hosted monthly talks in NYC with guests from BuzzFeed, GE, Forbes, Knock2x, PandoDaily, and more. The goal of each event is to bring smart people together to speak candidly about the future of content on the web, answer questions, and rub shoulders. With more than 600 members in the conversation group, there’s always a packed house.

Meet this month’s guest speakers:

Melissa Wall is the new Editorial Director at HowAboutWe’s Date Report. She was the founding editor of Newsweek’s digital edition, an OG at Huffington Post, and has also launched publications for big brands like Target and Barneys. It’s her only job to make sure thecontent at HowAboutWe helps people find love and stay in love.

Chiara Atik is a dating expert who regularly shares her thoughts and advice with readers of The Hairpin, Gawker, Huffington Post, The Date Book and others. She’s also about to publish her first book on the subject, published by Harlequin.

We hope you’ll be our Valentine and join us!

Flickr image via Flare

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