Why a Mobile Website Is Part of Any Business Plan [INFOGRAPHIC]

Businesses that are not creating stellar mobile websites are losing business.

According to Business2Community’s Elie Ayrouth and an infographic by Intuit, “55% of people who own cell phones use their phone to go online.” 

A staggering 57% of mobile web users will end up not recommending a website if they had any trouble visiting it on their phones. If a business has a bad website for mobile devices, 34% of visitors will end up going to a competitors’ website.

Mashable highlights Mobify, an app that helps businesses set up user-friendly mobile versions of websites. There’s also Mippin mobilizer, which installs code on the site, and Winksite, an app that helps build a mobile community for sites.

According to WebpageFX, businesses should use CSS for the layout and not tables. They should code with XML or XHTML, and put all the important information on the top of the landing page. “Mobile website users are usually busy doing something else like waiting in line, walking through town, or spending time out with friends,” reports WebpageFX. “Their main focus is not necessarily your website so information needs to be quick and easy to access.”

Lauren Indvik says that by 2015, mobile sales in the U.S. are expected to reach $31 billion (right now they’re at $6.7 billion). Businesses have to get ready and have a solid mobile site, since that’s where many sales will start taking place.

Image courtesy of Cienpies Design/shutterstock

via: How To Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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