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Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, Diesel App Marks Time, BookScout Picks

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Jamie Oliver Launches Food Tube

Chef Jamie Oliver launched Food Tube on Monday on YouTube.

The channel features half-hour episodes where Oliver will host live, demonstrate recipes, and do foodie Q&As with viewers, according to PaidContent.

The chef also plans to showcase contributions from YouTube cook Barry Lewis of My Virgin Kitchen and “highlight a number of additional YouTube cooks in a special segment called Jamie Presents.”

Diesel’s Time Campaign

ClickZ reports on Diesel’s new campaign called “Days to Live.”

Launched last week, the campaign, which is centered around an iPad app, reminds people how much time they have left to live. There is a video that “shows a montage of stylish people wasting time in a variety of ways,” and at the end, viewers can fill out a survey that will tell them how much longer they (may) have to live.

IPhone owners can download an alarm clock app that wakes them up every day with a reminder of how long they (may) have to live and inspirational messages for the day.

Random House’s BookScout

According to the New York Times, Random House is releasing an app called BookScout that allows users to share their favorite books and find recommendations for books they should read.

he app is going to be available on Facebook and will showcase books from all publishers, not just Random House. Users will see recommended books based on past preferences and the information on their Facebook timelines.

Companies Need to be Newsworthy

Zach Heller of Business2Community writes that brands need to generate news about themselves in order to stay relevant.

He argues, “Companies that don’t generate news tend to disappear, whereas companies that generate a lot of news are always top of mind.”

Being newsworthy will help generate links, which in turn means higher SEO. News can also make a company stand out from the competition and receive free marketing out of it.

Branded Apps Features

Joe Chernov writes on Mashable about features that every brand’s app needs to have. 

The push notifications on an app have to take users’ past preferences into account and shouldn’t be used only when updates are necessary. Locations should be part of the marketing strategy as well. For example, apps should tap into GPS coordinates on a phone and figure out how to market to customers based on location.

Apps should also be integrated with social media sites and figure out a way to easily let customers make purchases.

Freelancing Woes

Freelance Folder highlights some common issues that can cause freelancers to doubt themselves.

Rejection for a project shouldn’t be taken personally. Instead, it’s an opportunity for freelancers to ask themselves how they can do better in the future.

When freelancers face a slow time in their work, they need to work on marketing themselves. And comparing themselves against others is never healthy  other freelancers should be seen as coworkers and resources, not the competition.

Freelancing Lessons features lessons that can be learned from a freelancer.

Fear needs to be taken into account — it shouldn’t hold aspiring freelancers back, but motivate them on how to plan. Freelancers need to surround themselves with smart and competent people to so they become better workers themselves.

They also have to buy the proper tools, even if it means spending money before they make money. Freelancers need to have a safety net (which means savings) before just jumping in as well.

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