Topshop Looks to Drive Sales with Bosworth Music Video [VIDEO]

Clothing store Topshop has released a music video starring Kate Bosworth as part of a new campaign for the holidays.

In the video, Bosworth is singing “Winter Wonderland” wearing Topshop products that are available for purchase, reports Lauren Indvik of Mashable.

Viewers can buy the actress’ makeup on the retailers’ website and “sign up to be on the waiting list for the heels and matching dress — a sequined, knee-skimming, burgundy-colored affair designed by Bosworth in collaboration with Topshop’s design team.” The heels and dress will go on sale when Topshop opens up in Los Angeles in February.

The video is on YouTube, the retailers’ website, in the movies, on billboard, and in screens on Topshop stores. The song is released on iTunes as well.

Topshop sold products off its London Fashion Week show videos last fall, Indvik points out.

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