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How to Build a Brand on the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Small businesses need to build their brand online — it’s where consumers research products and services. Brand building requires consistency of messages across all platforms — website, blog, email, and social media.

According to a new infographic by, building a brand online can increase customer loyalty and awareness. It’s also makes it easier to figure out who your demographic is and target campaigns towards them.

Online content from brands should show that they are experts in a subject, along with information that shows customers “how you can solve their needs better than anyone else.” According to the graphic, “consistent brands are worth up to 20 percent more than those who aren’t.” Consistency means making sure that descriptions, contact information, pictures, and keywords match up and can be associated with one individual brand.

Online Retailing Blog also says a brand’s voice needs to be consistent on and offline: “Does your brand look and ‘feel’ the same in your printed marketing as it does in your online presence? If the answer is ‘no,’ or worse ‘I don’t know,’ then you probably need to consider your overall creative approach.” This doesn’t mean just copying and pasting, but it should have an overall similar creative direction.

A blog from The Web Shoppe agrees: “Your 140-character tweets should be written in the same voice as your 500-word blog posts. Even your Instagram photos should use imagery that reflects your brand’s personality and voice. As with anything, this will take practice and some experimentation, but a consistent voice will make your brand stronger and encourage loyalty from your customers.”


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