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Inside Bleacher Report, Datsun Returns, Mad Magazine’s Awesome Map

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The Secret to Bleacher Report’s Success

The ever-popular Bleacher Report prides itself on  content produced by thousands of fans, but it continues to walk the line of popularity and negative perception.

SF Weekly has details on the way stories are created for the sports giant and it isn’t always pretty, but it is big business.

“Reverse-engineering content to fit a pre-written headline is a Bleacher Report staple. The analytics team basically says, ‘Hey, we think this is going to be trending, these eight to 10 terms will be trending in the next couple of days,'” a former editor told the SF Weekly. ‘We say ‘thank you,’ and we as editors come up with the headlines and pass those on to writers to write the content.”

30 Years Later the Datsun Is Back

Why revive the brand? The Wall Street Journal spoke to CEO Carlos Ghosn, about plans to sell the new Datsun for $3,000 and if Nissan can make a profit with cars priced so low.

“He portrayed the relaunch as much as a life’s mission as a business strategy, with the goal of providing poorer populations a greater chance at car ownership,” The Wall Street Journal said.

How One Awesome Picture Can Change Your Mind About a Magazine

You probably haven’t thought about Mad Magazine in twenty years 

You know what you are going to get: a (sometimes) awesome pun along with some sort of caricature of a famous celebrity as portrayed by Alfred E. Neuman.

But today’s fake New Yorker cover created, according to, with the help of Apple Maps has the internet all a-twitter. Even Salon thinks it’s “amazing.”

Want to See How It All Got Started?

The New Yorker has a clip of the first political advertisement from Dwight Eisenhower’s campaign and it’s so attention-grabbing that today’s presidential hopefuls might want to take a look and consider adding more loudspeaker to their commercials.

What Do Memes Have to Do with SEO?

Business2Community explains how memes and SEO go hand-in-hand. That is, if you can get the balance right.

“The trick is to find the perfect meme for your niche, come up with the perfect caption, and then share it far and wide in all the right places. Sounds easy right?”Business2Community’s Dave Conklin said.

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