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AOL Content Plan, BuzzFeed Branded Content, Unapproved Election Ads

The Content Strategist picks the day’s most relevant and interesting stories about the world of content from around the web. Here’s what you should be reading today:

Armstrong Dismisses Worries About Content

AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong does not believe large quantities of content will effect the way people use the internet or hurt publishers, Ad Week reports.

He said “the average user is unlikely to explore the wide variety of content at hand and will pick quality over variety.”

Armstrong also defended AOL’s journalism project, PATCH.

How BuzzFeed is Building Business

BuzzFeed’s John Steinberg spoke to Ad Age about how the company is trying to “future-proof the business.”

Instead of selling ad space, BuzzFeed uses branded content posts that “piggyback on timely online discourse.”

11 Great Unapproved Political Advertisements

This is a fun post and a good example of the creativity that can surround election-time advertising, as long as the ads aren’t created by the politicians themselves.

Some of this is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), so, watch yourself. Thanks, Fast Company.

The New York Times Goes Mobile general manager Denise Warren told the audience at Advertising Week that consumers are demanding and “their needs are insatiable,” Mashable reports.

Warren spoke about the NYT Everywhere strategy aimed at doing just what they names says, providing content to users on all devices.

Is TV News Dead?

The Pew’s news consumption report and easy to read graph show TV news is in trouble, while digital continues to grow.

The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson writes that for younger folks at least, the internet is cable news.

“Among 20-somethings surveyed by Pew, about a third said they watched TV yesterday. An equal share said they saw news headlines from Facebook,” Thompson said. But advertisers are slow to acknowledge this trend.

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