Music Videos’ Social Power, Twitter’s New Newsletter, Cat Videos Abound

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The Branding Power of Music Videos

Music videos are a powerhouse on the web for rather obvious reasons: They are  “Accessible and Shareable,” says Forbes’ Brian Petchers.

Though they fizzled out for a few years after MTV stopped showing them, but then Twitter came along, and they are more popular and useful than ever for promoting the public perception of an artist.

Twitter Announces Newish Newsletter

Twitter’s “People You May Know” newsletter will connect users to friends and, as TechCrunch suggests, aims to bring dormant users will be back into the following fold.

One can only wonder if it will be more than 140 characters.

Non-profits Need More Cat Videos

Jessica Mason of YouTube for Good explains why people love their cat videos, and Mashable reports it’s not just because our furry friends are so talented.

“Cats, animals, babies, they do well on YouTube because they transcend boundaries,” Mason said at the Social Good Summit. “They make boundaries, language, cultural barriers, irrelevant.”

Syfy Digital SVP Navigates Shifts in the Geekosphere

Syfy Digital’s Craig Engler manages 133,000 followers on Twitter, many (probably most) of who are angry fanboys.

Somehow, the former editor manages to stay above the fray, keep his cred and create quality content, Adage reports.

How Digital Advertising Has Evolved

Mashable has a handy, ultra-simple infographic on the evolution of digital advertising.

From ye olde days of the hypercard to the fast-paced electronic super highway of today, take a trip down memory lane all the way back to the dark days of 1987.


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