For Brands on Facebook, What’s Not to ‘Like’? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook pages, many times, are a win-win for brands and consumers alike.

According to a new infographic by Lab42, 87 percent of people on Facebook ‘like’ brands. Of those users, 82 percent say that “Facebook is a good place to interact with brands,” and out of those, 35 percent feel that brands are listening more on the site than on any platforms.

When compared to the brand’s website, 50 percent of the survey respondents said that the Facebook page is more useful. The main reasons for liking a brand include the chance to receive promotions, discounts, and free giveaways, and the top ways in which customers are interacting with brands are by printing out posted coupons, learning about new products, and liking and commenting on updates.

On the flipside, people unlike brands because they post too often, they stopped liking the brand, or they had a bad experience with brands. Some people don’t like brands in the first place because they take up too much space on their newsfeed, they are concerned about their privacy, or they simply don’t want to be contacted.

Along with giveaways and coupons, brands should be focusing on posting content that is relevant to its products and appeals to its demographic. “A brand knows content related to their brand and their products best,” according to VenPop. “And people who become fans of brands want to hear about exactly that.”

To get more likes, comments, and general interaction, brands can also post news about their industry and “establish your brand’s reputation as a thought-leader in the market and improve your authority,” writes Daily Blog Scoop’s Andy Johnson.

Image courtesy of sofiabudapest/flickr

Image by Flickr
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