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Rage Over #MuslimRage, Toyota’s Endeavour, Erasing Facebook

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How Newsweek’s Hashtag Was Flipped

Newsweek’s attempt at starting a conversation on their twitter feed with the hashtag #MuslimRage went wrong when readers re-appropriated it and turned it on its head, calling Newsweek out for a lack of authenticity.

Newsweek didn’t give any indication that its incitement to discussion was motivated by a desire for anything beyond pageviews and newsstand sales,” Megan Garber of The Atlantic writes. “So its audience met it where it was, in that glib place of low expectations.”

Toyota Tundra Making History on Every Platform

YouTube, social, news coverage, philanthropy. Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA promise to hit all these element and tow the space shuttle Endeavour to its permanent home at the California Science Center during the Tundra Endeavour ad campaign.

The company also launched a website, to house the videos of the Tundra Challenge and record the days leading up to the moment Tundra meets Endeavour.

All sound a bit heavy-handed? Executive Creative Director at Saatchi L.A. doesn’t think so. “This isn’t advertising. It’s history,” he told Fast Company.

App Raises Alzheimer’s Awareness
Here’s a way to get people’s attention and your point across: Erase everyone’s Facebook page.

Alzheimer’s Disease International wants people to donate their timelines to World Alzheimer’s Day on Sept. 21.

“The app will lie dormant until it activates on Friday, wiping users’ memories from their timelines, including pictures, status, videos, friends, etc. These will be replaced with a message that reads: “Imagine your life without memories. For 36 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease, this is reality,” Mashable reports.

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Ad Kicks iPhone in the Butt
Ad Age reports that Weight Watcher’s Jessica Simpson campaign was number two on last week’s viral video chart beating out Apple’s ad for the iPhone5.

As Ad Age points out, “it’s not a particularly exciting ad.” The real interest lies in Jessica Simpson and the debate over her weight loss.

Pinterest to Become Meme Alert System?
Pinterest is looking to make money and there are a few ways they can do it, reports Ad’s Tim Peterson.

The first is to a sponsored pin route, where Pinterest moves certain memes to the front page or they could use an AdSense model. Ad Week spoke to Converto CEO Jeff Zwelling about Pinterest’s options.


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