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100 Most Innovative Firms, Cravendale’s Cats, Who Owns Social?

The Content Strategist picks the day’s most relevant and interesting stories about the world of content from around the web. Here’s what you should be reading today:

The World’s Most Innovative Companies lists the top 100 most innovative companies world-wide based on yearly sales growth, five-year return and a little thing they like to call “innovation premium.”

According to Forbes this premium is “calculated first by projecting a company’s income (cash flows, in this case) from existing businesses, plus anticipated growth from those  businesses, and look at the net present value (NPV) of those cash flows.”

They go into even greater detail of how they ranked the list here (lest any company get hurt feelings) and posted the full 100 here.

 Could This Be the Most-Anticipated Ad of the Year?

What does it look like when advertising starts acting more like a feature film sequel? A lot like this. 

Cravendale’s cats with thumbs are back and Ad Week is very excited to see what kind of mischief they will get into.

Social’s Final Resting Place

In response to Bruce Willis’ alleged bequeathment of his impressive iTunes collection to his daughters, Forbes asks the question: Where does social media go when you die?

“Sometimes, it’s not even clear to the media companies themselves what the ownership rights might be. This is abundantly clear when taking a browse through, a website which describes the policies (or lack thereof) for dealing with media and social media accounts of close friends or relatives who have passed away,” Jess Collen said.

Walk the Runway Online

New York Fashion Week has big things in store for dedicated followers of fashion, including live streams from about a third of the designer shows. 

Mashable has a roundup of the best ways to follow the event online, including via Pinterest which they believe will be the “darling” of coverage this year.

Most Interesting Man Too Busy to Tweet

Ad Age brings up a good point, why doesn’t Do Equis’ spokesman, The Most Interesting Man in the World, have a twitter account?

“Anything to do with technology is not something that seems like where he would be spending his time,” Chief Marketing Officer Lesya Lysyj of Dos Equis’ parent company, Heineken USA, told Ad Age.

The company put a great deal of thought into its Most Interesting Man campaign. Heineken sees its consumer as being quite different from other alcohol companies and its digital campaign reflects that: It isn’t using a digital agency.

Do Businesses Need to Improve the World?

From former CEO of Seventh Generation Jeffrey Hollender’s perspective, yes.

FastCompany talks to Hollender about the rise of social enterprise. “The key to this rise, he says, has been the realization that businesses have a role to play in making the world better,” FastCompany reports.

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