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Ann Romney’s Social Effect, Advertising’s New Breed, ‘Liking’ Defeat

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Were Women Actually Listening to Ann Romney?

Facebook has what might be the only solid look at the breakdown of social chatter during Ann Romney’s RNC speech.

The company’s partnership with CNN “Election Insights” showed states across the map going red during Romney’s speech. Though it can’t tell you how people felt about her message, it does show users were engaged and with a “near universal adoption in the United States,” that means a lot of people were talking.

“CNN’s experiment with Facebook was a proving ground for the social network as a goldmine in demographic-specific buzz,” TechCrunch’s Gregory Ferenstein said.

Meet Advertising’s New Breed profiles advertising’s under 30-year-old rising stars and how they are changing the landscape of the business.

“Advertising has broken out of the 30-second TV spot. If you stripped away the brands, they would actually become art pieces or happenings,” Andy Pearson, 27, vice president, interactive associate and creative director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky said. “If I were just writing Web copy, I’d shoot myself in the face.”

Hopefully, the web copy job is still there for the rest of us.

“Liking” The Agony of Defeat

With college football season underway, teams will be experiencing both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. No matter who you root for, it’s tough to “like” a defeat. So, how should teams handle the losses on Facebook?

Mashable looks at several teams that have lost in the last week and their responses, or in most cases, lack thereof.

Is Apple’s Popularity a Handicap?

Ad Age reports that as Apple moves to more customer service-oriented advertising, and leaving its “upstart image” behind, it’s experiencing a backlash from fans and users.

With a broader base, Apple is forced to meet new expectations, market more heavily, find new customers and keep the old ones buying. Gone are the days of rebel entrepreneurs — they’ve been replaced by a wide-eyed ingenue shilling for Siri.

Talkwheel Offers a Way to Visualize Comments

For the busy journalist, yes, all of you, Talkwheel claims it can help you engage your readers in a smarter way on Facebook.

It’s design is meant to mimic dinner table conversation, and offers a breakdown of what your followers are reading so you can figure out how to reply quickly.

“The circular design allows you to see at a glance where most people are commenting and focus on that — rather than scrolling through chronological nested replies,” reports.

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