Why Mobile Marketing Campaigns Reach More Customers

Unlike social media, e-newsletters, billboard ads, or TV commercials, mobile marketing messages will most likely get through to consumers.

A recent infographic by Mogreet revealed that 98 percent of all SMS and MMS messages sent are opened.

In addition, Gene Sigalov of Content Marketing Institute says that within three minutes of being sent, 90 percent of all text messages are read by the recipient.

Texting a call to action

Content marketer Patricia Redsicker pointed to a study from Morgan Stanley that found 91 percent of people with cellphones keep them within arm’s reach at all time.

If all those people always have their phone right next to them at any time, day or night, what an opportunity to reach them if you’re doing mobile marketing,” she said.

Redsicker said SMS marketing messages should include a keyword that is easy to remember along with a short code and a call to action. For example, a text might read, “Text LOL to 34567 to Win Free iPod.”

“Then, give them a confirmation text that makes them feel good and important,” Redsicker said. “[It could say] ‘Awesome, you rock.'”

Use mobile to build a customer contact list

Entrepreneur’s Gail Goodman suggests that shops use text message marketing in a way that benefits themselves and consumers.

“Customers entering into your retail establishment probably are carrying their cellphones on them,” she said. “Build your contact list by inviting patrons to send a text message or scan a QR code. Put a sign at your cash register to encourage such activity while the shopping experience is still fresh.”

Offering a coupon or special offer for customers that do so can encourage people to sign up. “And you end up building your list without having to manually enter email addresses after deciphering handwriting on a sign-up sheet,” Goodman said.

Be everywhere

Shareef Defrawi of Zizinya Web Solutions said, “Mobile marketing is where it’s at, and where it’s at is wherever your customers happen to be. By optimizing and refining your mobile marketing campaign you can reach them at the moment they need you.”

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