Target Video of College Acceptances Strikes a Chord [VIDEO]

In a new video campaign that debuted this week during the Olympics, Target has compiled a montage of teenagers’ emotional reactions to the news that they’ve been accepted to college.

The ads are meant to promote Target’s dedication to education initiatives.

On its Facebook page, Target is running a contest that will award schools $1 billion over the next few years, according to AdWeek. The ad says, “Every kid deserves this moment. Great schools can get them here.”

The video, posted on YouTube on July 26, has more than 15,000 views. The campaign has seen a strong reaction from all over the Twittersphere.

“Of course I’m not crying at the Target commercial of kids getting into college! That would be… oh, shut up,” said @DahliaAF. Austin L. Church tweeted, “My wife and I both just teared up watching a Target commercial. Sheesh. As a marketer I should KNOW better.”

Target’s videos are touching to people and fostering an emotional tie to the brand. Steve McKee wrote in Businessweek that emotional branding is what makes a business stand out.

“Brands that face a high degree of competitive parity  whose ad budgets depend on what competitors spend  in categories such as soft drinks, beer, and automobiles understand the entry to effective differentiation is through the personality door,” he says. “They simply don’t have unique rational claims to make, so they have to win people’s hearts instead of their minds. But all brands, and all products  no matter the industry  can leverage the power of personality to strengthen their appeal.”

The Target ad seeks to connect emotionally with people, aiming to create a bond with the brand.

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