Mobile’s Advantage Over Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media isn’t the new kid on the block anymore. Instead, mobile marketing is taking over, and many have hope that it will prove more effective than Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even email.

Ninety-eight percent of all SMS and MMS messages are opened by users, while a whopping 84 percent of newsfeed aren’t read, 71 percent of tweets go unnoticed, and 88 percent of emails aren’t opened, according to a new infographic by MOGREET.

In addition, the total number of mobile device users is higher: 234 million people have cell phones, while 161 million people total are on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ in the United States.

As Gene Sigalov of Content Marketing Institute points out, text message marketing is a form of active engagement — unlike social media sites, where people aren’t reached in a one-on-one fashion. The infographic calls it “narrowcast.”

MOGREET’s data also shows that engagement is higher when it comes to mobile marketing. The average person looks at their phones 150 times per day. Fifty percent of people check their email less than four times per day, and 58 percent of Facebook users are logging in daily.

Entrepreneur’s Susan Gunelius offers some advice for text message marketers: keep messages succinct, make the customers feel special, and give away something that is immediately beneficial.

“Because text messaging is an instantaneous medium, you should include real-time offers,” she says. “Whether you’re providing information about a sale or a new product, the message should describe the benefits of acting now.”

As more customers become connected through mobile devices, text messaging should continue to be an effective way to reach them.

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