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Shazaming the Olympics, Top Apps for London Games, BBC Tech Labs

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What Can You See By Shazaming the Olympics?

Forbes talks to Shazam’s Executive Vice President of Marketing David Jones about the live extras Shazam is offering during the Games and how the technology works for the user and what they learned from the Super Bowl.

“We believe that sports fans really want to have more context than just the event as it’s aired on television,” Jones told Forbes. “They want to know more about the athlete – particularly during the Olympics, which is always full of wonderful stories about the men and women who have worked so hard to make it to the Games.”

Olympic Apps You Need reviews 5 apps fans should check out including the Buddy TV Guide, OPlanner and NBC Olympics.

BBC Playing House Mother to Tech Start-ups

BBC Worldwide has started BBC Tech Labs, a project offering space and mentorship to fledgling companies.

Gigaom spoke with Jenny Fielding who runs the new project about why BBC is getting into the start-up business and whether it plans to invest in any of the companies.

Coke, Auntie Anne’s Go Mall Shopping

Adweek reports that Coca-Cola and Auntie Anne’s will be targeting moms and teens in Atlanta who are out a the mall with a “location-based, back-to-school-oriented mobile ad test.”

Basically, when a mom or kid are near a stand, they will get a coupon offer for a pretzel and coke. Now, if they can just figure out how to pump the  buttery scent of Auntie Anne’s pretzels from the mobile app …

You Are the User, and You Are the Product

Gartner is predicting social media will make $16.9 billion in revenues this year, with half of the money coming from advertising.

According to TechCrunch, gaming will also be a big future moneymaker for social sites.

“Social media sites will be drinking ‘gamification’ Kool-aid, too, it seems. No surprise, if games are proving to be money-spinners, that the model will be attempted elsewhere. Gartner says that this will be led by the sale of virtual goods, one example being virtual gifting outside of a gaming environment,” TechCrunch reports.

Why Facebook’s Stock Is Tanking

Mashable’s infographic shows why Facebook users are growing but the company’s earnings aren’t keeping up.

Typing Is So Old School

Google has introduced handwriting as a way to enter your search terms on your tablet or smartphone. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like users will have to brush up on their penmanship.

Pocket-lint says their users have “had a brief play with it and it worked really well, even though we still have the handwriting of a small child.”

What Is Microsoft: The TV Show?

Hot on the heals of Twitter: The Movie comes Be the Next Microsoft Employee. Microsoft is launching a new web-based TV series in which four programmers compete in challenges while being rated by Microsoft experts.

The prize? A job programming for Microsoft. says, “How much glory is there, really, in slogging away at a distinctly un-sexy company, whose glory days seem well behind it?”

But admits there’s a certain draw to watching regular folks “solve database problems.”

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